Getting on the electoral roll and your credit score

Aug 15, 2017

This short blog focuses on the electoral roll, specifically how to get on it if you’re not already and why it’s important for you to be on it.

What is the electoral roll?

The electoral roll, also known as the electoral register, is a list of people who are allowed to vote in elections, including their addresses. Being on the electoral roll is important for reasons such as being able to vote, and getting a passport or insurance policy.

Electoral roll vs. credit score

Many people don’t realise that there’s a connection between being on the electoral roll and your credit score. Lenders like it when you are on the electoral roll because it shows stability, signs of trustworthiness and it allows them to confirm where you live.

When you get your monthly credit report, there’s a section that outlines negative and positive attributes that are affecting your credit score:From the screenshot above, you can clearly see that not being on the electoral roll is negatively impacting my credit report and hence my credit score.

So if you’re looking to improve your credit score, signing up for the electoral roll is a simple and quick way of doing it.

How do I get on the electoral roll?

To sign up simply go to

It’s a fairly quick process and shouldn’t take more than 5–8 minutes. You’ll have to fill in your full name, address, nationality, date of birth, National Insurance number and whether you’ve moved in the last 12 months. After completing the online form you’ll probably have to wait no longer than a month before you hear back about your application.

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