Join the LOQBOX spring savings challenge

Money-saving challenges are a creative way to reach your savings goals. Saving little and often develops good habits so you can afford a deposit on a car or a holiday. Even if you don't finish the challenge, you've still saved some money and that's worth celebrating.

How to save money together

Whether you’re working on a big goal together like buying a house, or planning the wedding of your dreams, working out how to save money together is important. Here are four tips to help.

Double Your LOQBOX Savings

For a limited time only, when you sign up to LOQBOX, make your first payment and invite a friend we’ll give you both a chance to double your LOQBOX savings. So if you win we'll match every pound you save, for both of you. Save together, win together, get financially fit and achieve your one big goal for 2021 together.

Cheap Christmas gifts to help you spend less in 2020

Christmas can be a really expensive time of year. Mainly because of the gifts. Unlike on birthdays where you only have to get one person a gift per birthday, Christmas means we have to get everyone a gift... all at once. And because this adds up quickly, it can be financially challenging. So here are some cheap Christmas gift ideas to help you spend less.

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