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Nov 24, 2020

Today, LOQBOX has announced the latest appointment to their senior team. Tim Porter joins

LOQBOX as Chief Risk Officer. Tim will be responsible for all aspects of risk and compliance across

the enterprise. He has been working alongside LOQBOX since they launched in 2017 as a consultant

and now joins one of the UK’s fastest growing Fintechs on a permanent basis.

Tim has over 30 years of experience in banking, finance and consultancy internationally at the Royal

Bank of Scotland, Impact Plus and Standard Chartered Bank. Tim is a Fellow of the International

Compliance Association and holds the ICA’s professional postgraduate diploma in Governance, Risk

& Compliance, and a diploma in Financial Crime Prevention. He joins after 4 years as an independent

consultant working with PwC, HSBC, Acuris Risk Intelligence and other clients.

Gregor Mowat, Co-founder and Co-CEO of LOQBOX said: “We are delighted to have Tim join us

at such an exciting time in LOQBOX’s evolution. We are growing at pace and are extremely pleased

to be adding talent to our senior team. Tim’s broad and global experience will really help us to keep

on the right path towards a successful future”.

Tim Porter, CRO of LOQBOX commented: “After working alongside LOQBOX for several years as

a consultant, I am thrilled to join this team. Having watched their journey with interest over the last

couple of years, it is certainly a great time to join the company and to be able to work with an engaged

and positive team through the next phase. This is a very exciting opportunity for me”.

LOQBOX’s mission is to end financial exclusion globally. This means giving everyone the chance to

achieve their goals, most of which cost money. For many people, their goals are unachievable

because they have not had an opportunity to build a positive financial profile, they don’t have

sufficient savings or they don’t understand how to make the financial system work for them. LOQBOX

is a multi award-winning business that has already enabled hundreds of thousands of people to build

their credit score with the three main credit reference agencies and master their money while they

save. It works best for people early in their financial life or for anyone trying to improve their

relationship with money. When they have finished their journey, LOQBOX customers have a better

credit score, a nest egg of savings and the ability to achieve their goals. Ultimately, LOQBOX helps

everyone to get the things they want without money getting in the way.

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