Reviews and testimonials from some of the thousands of LOQBOXers we’ve helped


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I moved to the UK from the US and had to start all over with credit. I signed up with LOQBOX and my first credit score is 786! Way better than I thought it would be for just starting out. Because of this I’ll be eligible for better credit card offers so I can get one of those and continue to build my credit — that’s important because as LOQBOX let me know when I asked: “Credit builder cards don’t work quite the same here as they do in the US. Generally, they don’t transform into lower interest cards over time, but as you become more creditworthy you would be able to apply for a new card with another provider at a better rate.” It’s great to build credit so quickly and to know I don’t have to be stuck with a credit builder card for the rest of my time here just so to maintain the longest held account for credit purposes. If you’re just moving here make sure you add yourself to the electoral roll ASAP so that you’re picked up by the credit system here. That’s also different than it is in the US. I’ve really appreciated LOQBOX support and they’re very responsive to questions. They also have a learning series they send out when you sign up so you can learn more about how to build your credit in the UK. One tip (I am not paid my them!) I think it might help to open the biggest one you can because as they say, lenders want to see you can handle a payment as big as the one you’re going to make to them. You’re getting all of it back at then end anyway, and I think LOQBOX is paid a fee per account not based on the size. I just wish I could open a bigger one so it could be as big as a mortgage payment.

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I found LOQBOX by chance while I was looking for ways to fix my credit score. I’d been in a bit of a credit rut for some time after the breakdown of my marriage and I was at that time in a position to make some positive changes. Since using them my score has rocketed into a fantastic place and I hope that it will continue to fly high. I’d like to thank LOQBOX for being the support I needed and a great way to save some money at the same time. I’ll be continuing to use LOQBOX in the future to keep saving and to keep my score safe.

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I moved back to the UK in 2016 and took the first job I could find. My credit rating had taken a pretty big hit after I stopped being able to pay back a student overdraft whilst I was living abroad so it was hard to get a good bank account and credit card. After a year I moved down to London and struggled initially with the cost of living, ending up maxing out 2 credit cards to stay afloat. I had never managed to save any more before so when I saw LOQBOX offered a way to both save and improve my credit rating I thought it was a great idea. 6 months in the discipline of leaving money aside each month, and knowing it will also help with my credit history, has allowed me to get control over my money. I’m able to save more each month and have started paying off my credit cards after cutting them up! LOQBOX definitely helped with that process, when my current payments end I will certainly set up another one!

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Before LOQBOX I was unable to save successfully and with their help I was able to. The best thing about it was that I didn’t even miss the money as it came out from my account as soon as I was paid and I didn’t even miss it. Through unfortunate circumstances I had to close my account early but I now regret taking my money out before the right time. I would love to set up another one as it is an easy and effective way to save. I was only putting £20 away each month and I think if I reopen one I will strive for more. A nice little nest egg in an efficient manner.

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I have just completed my 12 months of saving with LOQBOX and my credit rating has already gone from ‘very poor’ to ‘good’ all from the help of LOQBOX! I have always struggled with saving money and having a poor credit history made it extremely hard for me to obtain credit. As LOQBOX took the money directly from my account I didn’t even realise it coming out of my account which helped and now 12 months down the line I have just received all my savings back straight into my bank account along with my credit file being greatly improved! Really helped me out! Thank you.

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Before LOQBOX I had a really bad credit rating. Couldn’t get a loan for a car or even obtain a credit card. 7 months on I have a new car on finance and offers coming to me for cards. Could not be happier with what LOQBOX has done for me.

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I’ve had problem with my credit score and LOQBOX has allowed me to make a difference in how lenders view me. I’ve been accepted for better interest rate offers as a result.

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LOQBOX has enabled me an opportunity to make savings, albeit lower amount, so that I can have a ‘standby’ amount available to assist in future. It’s similar to the savings account I already have, but this is linked to the very good Pockit cards I have.

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My credit was poor due to silly decisions when I was younger. Having a baby now I knew I had to take steps to change this, for our future. LOQBOX has helped me look after my credit & also save money I would never have saved.

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I had a poor credit score before, and my score has started to get better over the months so far.

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I actually got an overdraft increase for the first time in years, probably due to LOQBOX helping me improve my credit rating – my credit rating tanked after I became very mentally unwell and had to drop everything both work-wise and personally, including my previously spotless credit history. This extra security blanket is really helping me get on with things and get back into work.

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LOQBOX has helped me save. Before I have always battled as money has burned a hole in my pocket. The fact that it automatically takes the money out of my account, saves money for me and helps build my credit score, what more could I ask for. I am using this money for Christmas this year, which is absolutely fantastic, I have not had to stress spending the extra money. I couldn’t be more grateful.

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LOQBOX reinstalled my trust in how to get back a good credit score!

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I have always struggled with financial discipline. I associate money with emotions and spend it quickly, which has meant I have never been able to save. My credit score was negatively affected as a result of my spending habits. When I heard about LOQBOX, it really resonated with me. Being rewarded for saving my money through improving my credit score made much more sense than interest rates. I like the idea of locking my money away and rebuilding my score and have nearly finished my savings plan. It has helped me to learn the value of savings, even if it’s only a small amount a month!

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After declaring bankruptcy I needed to do something to help improve my credit file, I had tried to tidy up as much as I could by paying for credit file updates but the impact was minimal, I saw LOQBOX ad and read up a little and thought I’d give it a go, after all there was nothing to loose, unlike most of the other credit file builders, after 3 months I was able to see an improved credit score, enough so that I was able to apply and be accepted for 2 credit cards!! This in turn has helped me continue to build up positive information in my credit file.

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After getting in money troubles just after turning 20 I’ve had to suffer for years but having my LOQBOX now means that I’m saving but also increasing my credit rating. Just making life easier!

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My credit score was really poor and I was struggling to find anyone to help my with money and try to get my score up. With LOQBOX I have almost doubled my credit score and been able to get a new chance and getting a loan and credit cards to be used responsibly. Which will improve my score further and lead me to be able to get my own home one day.

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Six months ago my credit score was really bad, I couldn’t even get a contract phone but now my credit is up and I even got a credit card and a contract phone. I will always be grateful!

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LOQBOX has helped me in so many ways when my credit check was very bad – since I have been with this company my credit check is very good. Thanks LOQBOX you are the best.



Although my finances have dramatically improved since I was younger, my credit rating was badly damaged and using LOQBOX has enabled me to have a positive debt on my credit report and in turn to be open to additional credit options. On top of that it’s also a handy savings pot for when something unexpected comes up.

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My credit score was terrible, then came along LOQBOX , I was dubious at first but decide to give it a go I couldn’t loose, after 5 months of pondering should I or shouldn’t I , there was nothing to loose I could withdraw at any point. I started regular payments and it was about month 4 I saw my credit score jump up quite substantially- so much I couldn’t believe I did a soft credit check with a company I’d try to get a credit card with before and failed as I pressed check eligibility I closed my eyes tightly I couldn’t bear to be turned down again , I slowly opened my eyes to my laptop screen with the message ‘Congratulations you are eligible to apply for your new credit card’! So I did, my application was referred but it was accepted and I now have a credit card – those 5 week months are not as much a struggle as they were. I just put my shopping on my credit card and pay it off in full ASAP but without LOQBOX this would not have been possible thank you for making my life a little easier 🙂

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Having made many bad decisions that have affected my credit score, LOQBOX has been a shinning star in helping me repair it. Hopefully by the time I have finished with my LOQBOX I will have made a major improvement, but if not I’ll still have my money back! Thank you LOQBOX!

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For too long I’ve had no money to speak of due to being disabled from a medical botch. With a family of 3 children to support it became so difficult. Since joining LOQBOX I have squirrelled away a decent amount in a fairly short time. Whilst it isn’t a life changing amount it gives me a small cushion locked away in case of emergencies. My credit is never going to be great because of my situation but it’s a start and I have noticed a small change in my score. The beauty of LOQBOX is you have to deliberately unlock your savings so keeps you mindfully aware of the costs and consequences. If you can save over two years at £20 then you will have a small pot. Personally I intend to continue saving in this way and will start another LOQBOX when this one finished so I have some money saved for my children in the future.

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After I got my Pockit card, I received an online message in my email with details about LOQBOX. I went through it and saw the sense in it and signed up to be saving 50 £ monthly to build up my credit score. Since then I never missed any monthly deposit and I have seen a positive improvement in my credit. Recently I managed to get a 24 months contract with EE for WIFI data and a SIM Contract with O2 with 60GB monthly. Congratulations LOQBOX!

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LOQBOX is a great way to build your credit history and to save money. I set up a goal to save some cash for the end of the year when it is usually quieter month in my industry. I’m going to do the same in the next year.

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So my credit score was not that great and I was with totally no money. I saw an advert that LOQBOX was a saving tool and it helps with your credit score so I opened an account and I saw results in my credit score after just a couple months so thank you.

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LOQBOX has given me the opportunity to improve my credit score whilst building a small nest egg for me and my family.